„KIRPIMO MEISTRAI“ proudly pesents another hair care products line that we are starting to work with – Davines from Italy. The company emphasizes principles of natural beauty, ecology, ethics and at the same time assures the very best quality of all the products that you will be deligthed with for sure.

DAVINES is a nice family business founded in Parma and is well known in the world today. A company that cares about the naturality as well as scientific researches. Professional Davines products are used by the stylists in more than 64 countries throughout the world.

Main Davines principles

Beauty and sustainability

Since the very first products Davines aims to keep the balance between the beauty and sustainability. The idea of this harmony is common for all the Davines projects – from the formulas of products to the design and training.

Strong attention to the scientific research and constant improvement in hair care

Davines prefer the material from the organic resourses. Whenever we have to choose we choose the ones that were modified by the most nature frienfly methods (white bio-technology). We manufacture our production with respect to ECO-friendly standarts, that confirm that no discrimination or human abusement is used.

DAVINES goal is to become the most beautiful and ethical (in terms of nature, human and resources) hair cosmetics brand in the world. We are aiming that every stylist would be proud being able to work with professional Davines products, whereas every client would be impressed by their quality, design and efectiveness.

You can learn more about the Professional Davines cosmetics at www.davines.com


You can obtain various Davines hair care products at „KIRPIMO MEISTRAI“ salon.