Wella Professionals history began in 1880 m. when young and restless German hairdresser named Franz Stroher after visiting the biggest European beauty centers created the first products for the time dandys. So it‘s been more than 130 years since Wella developes and evolves in a very close relationship with beauty salons and hairdressers. Even  when it seemed that everything‘s lost, we didn‘t stop – after loosing all the patents and manufactures after the World war, we got straight and created some products that became a part of a beauty history later on. Some of them to be mentioned – Koleston Perfect, the first colour of creamy consistence, New Wave Wet Gel and High Hair – products for using at home, you can not imagine the disco decade without them – and other products pioneers.

Something that started as an inspiring dream of one hairdresser, now became an everyday reality for more than 4 millions professionals at beauty salons and countless number of their clients.

We unite people who are passionate about hair, in the quest moments of hair triumph.

Professional hair is our reason to be, the stylist our creator, and the consumer our muse.

Wella Professionals


Wella Professionals Hair Products

ILLUMINA COLOR – Unbelievable hair protection and light reflection

A premium brand that introduces the wonder of light to the Wella Professionals portfolio, ILLUMINA Color offers permanent color that’s luminous in every kind of light. Discover new shade possibilities with up to 100% Gray Coverage, a luminous result.


Exceed the limits with perfect color, outstanding experience and services. The first creamy color, already used by the world stylists more than 2 billion times since the introduction to the market in 1950!


For hyper-natural demi color results with brilliance and shine.


Mastering the full spectrum of blondes requires expertise and superior innovation, especially when it comes to the most demanding cool tones. The product’s mission is to be the master of blondes – it fulfills it to its best  empowering  you to achieve excellence across the full blonde hair spectrum.


System Professional’s is recognized as the most advanced professional hair care brand by taking hair and scalp care to a new level of personalization.

All products are inspired by the latest beauty & trend expertise.

Learn more about Wella Professinals products at http://www.wella.com/en-EN/in-salon.aspx

„Kirpimo meistrai“ are proud and happy to be using the products presented by the market leader Wella Professionals in our salon. We also offer you the possibility to pamper your hair at home – you can purchase Lifetex and System Professional, as well as Sebastian Professional and Nioxin products at our salon.