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    Senior Stylist
    Kirpimo meistrai

    No doubt – Ričardas can be called a top-class master, a true professional. He has been working in the beauty industry for more than a decade. Ričardas improved his professional competencies in Germany, USA, Italy, Spain, Cyprus and Great Britain: he participated everywhere in the training of hairdressing and dyeing techniques organized by Wella Professionals (Train the Trainer). He has been a recognized technologist-coach at Wella Professionals, System Professionals and Nioxin for more than 10 years.

    Ričardas’ achievements in recent years are three high international awards. He became a coach at Wella Capability for the Baltic region, and at the Wella Academy of Education, EdAc, earned a Master of Bronze / Silver / Gold degree and a Master of Color Expert. He also improved at the prestigious Vidal Sasoon Academy in London and at the Allilon seminar for professionals in Vilnius.

    Ričardas shares his experience and knowledge by conducting seminars for Lithuanian and Latvian hairdressers and future hairdressing designers at Vilnius College, where he participates in the work of the Hairdressing Design Qualification Commission.

    Ričardas is a creative personality. He is one of the creators of the image of the characters in the pop opera Pasakų Medis (Fairy Tale Tree) (2007), he combed V. Judaškinas’ models of the autumn-winter high fashion collection in 2011, was the author of hairstyles and makeup for models in the collection of 2011 in the fashion house Nijolė.

    Ričardas is a graduate of psychology with a master’s degree in psychology. So clients value him not only for its competence, but also for its well-developed professional intuition and special ability to listen and hear from everyone sitting in the chair.

    I love my job so much. I love the people I meet and who come back to me again. The opportunity to share knowledge with current and future colleagues also means a lot to me, so I have been conducting seminars for a long time. When working with a client, I always think about a specific person and his style – I want him to be beautiful first and foremost, says Ričardas.



    Art Director
    Kirpimo meistrai

    Martynas graduated from Vilnius School of Light Industry and Household Services in 1999 with a degree in hairdressing. While still studying, he started serving his first clients. Later, he worked for a long time in the beauty salon Kosmedija and cultivated his professional knowledge in the Wella center – the representative office of one of the most famous hair beauty products companies in Lithuania. Here, for three years, he not only improved his haircut and dyeing skills, but also became a trainer, conducting hairdressing and dyeing seminars for hairdressers in Lithuania. He also participated in solid international and national competitions. Martynas won the prestigious Wella Trend Vision competition in Lithuania and went to represent our country in London, where he competed with the brightest young talents from around the world. He also won the Auksines Zirkles (Golden Scissors) national award for creativity.

    Martynas was invited in 2007 to work by Toni & Guy, the company that has just settled the branch in Lithuania and has the largest network of hair beauty salons in the world. The work under the banner of the brand has given him more responsibility and even more opportunities to develop professional skills – for several years in a row Martynas traveled to the prestigious Toni & Guy Academy in London in a search for ideas and knowledge. At the same time he studied and obtained a higher education diploma at Vilnius College (qualification of a hair design specialist.)

    Since 2010 Martynas is Art Director of KIRPIMO MEISTRAI. He keeps improving: he went to one of the most famous hair academies in London Vidal Sasoon to improve his skills and bring the hottest hairdressing, dyeing and combing trends and techniques. Also, he always tries to improve its professional skills in Lithuania – especially since training in our country has recently been organized by prestigious world-famous companies such as Mazella & Palmer or Allilon. The latter’s continuous, week-long training for professionals is known for its extremely high quality and it requires endless precision from the participants. Martynas improved his skills twice at Allilon Academy and attended Mazella & Palmer courses. Valuable knowledge is always shared with younger colleagues – internal training is held regularly in the salon.

    Professionalism is my top priority. And the perfect result is one that is not only perfectly technically fulfilled, but also gives good emotions to the client, says the art director of KIRPIMO MEISTRAI.



    Senior Stylist
    Kirpimo meistrai

    Anastasia joined KIRPIMO MEISTRAI in 2011, immediately after receiving a diploma in hair design from Vilnius College.
    In 2015, this young master became the winner of the prestigious Wella Trend Vision competition. It is the largest international event bringing together the brightest talents from around the world. Anastasia is the first Lithuanian representative to win the highest – platinum – award. The way towards this victory was quite purposeful: in 2014 she was the second in the Baltic selection stage in Riga, and won the third place a year earlier. Anastasia won the title of young talent in the final of the competition in Berlin, defeating 35 participants from all over the world.

    Anastasia is constantly gaining knowledge and improving her skills through training at the prestigious academies Allilon Education, Mazella & Palmer and Vidal Sassoon. She not only applies the knowledge gained there in her daily work, but also shares it with their colleagues in regular internal trainings.

    Work is a pleasure for me. Every day is full of challenges, puzzles and small achievements. I set high standards for myself, I try to improve and I am very happy that my customers appreciate it.



    Kirpimo meistrai

    Arnold joined KIRPIMO MEISTRAI after graduating as a hair stylist at the Femina Bona Beauty Academy.
    He studied honestly throughout the year by observing the work of senior colleagues, attending trainings and working with models. The time has come – Arnoldas is ready to welcome his clients.

    Arnoldas is stubborn and thorough. He is always eager to offer solutions in a wide range of situations.

    I’m constantly looking for new ideas and ways to improve, Arnoldas says of himself.



    Senior Stylist
    Kirpimo meistrai

    Mindaugas obtained a diploma of a hairdresser-modeler in 2011 at the Eliza training center, later studied individually at well-known Lithuanian masters. He graduated from K. Bogomolov’s Image Maker studies in Riga, and regularly participates in seminars led by world-renowned stylists – Toni & Guy, Vidal Sassoon, Dolores, Wella and others.

    Immediately after his studies he began his career as a stylist at the Performa beauty salon, where he consolidated his skills and mobilized his loyal clients over the past five years. Later, working in the salon of the world’s largest beauty network Toni & Guy in Lithuania and conducting hairdressing lessons for future hairdressers he gained international-level experience in the field of beauty, which further encouraged him to develop as a professional.

    When the company KIRPIMO MEISTRAI was established, Mindaugas started meeting his clients right here and tries to ensure that visitors meet their expectations: receive professional advice, sincere attention and, of course, enjoy a new image. Having recently improved at the Vidal Sassoon International Academy in London, Mindaugas has no doubt that image is an integral part of every personality, so he will definitely offer his new experience to anyone who wants to change or just cares about their appearance.

    The stylist believes that it is very important not to stop in his work: the trends in haircuts, colours and hairstyles are constantly changing and technology is moving forward, so in order to stay in the professional league, it is necessary to broaden the horizons. Therefore, valuable experience gained during training, communication with professionals, interests in fashion innovations – a force that constantly helps to move forward and achieve the best.

    I am a perfectionist, so I always try to apply the knowledge and inspiration from international masters in my daily work to achieve perfection, says Mindaugas.



    Kirpimo meistrai

    For three years Laurynas studied hairdressing at Vilnius College, Department of Hair Design. He started his career in our salon: he practiced here all year round, learned from his senior colleagues, closely monitored the work and delved into the subtleties of the profession and customer service. As a junior stylist Laurynas started his own work with clients and is consistently going forward: from junior stylist to stylist as from now.

    I am trying to do everything very carefully. I am curious, I am always very interested in learning something new, I like the feeling when I delve into a specific situation and can find a great solution. All this encourages me to move forward and constantly improve, says Laurynas.



    Kirpimo meistrai

    Justė studied as a hairdresser stylist at the academy “Femina Bona”. While studying, she did not miss the opportunity to participate in student competitions organized by the academy – she was rated with the highest marks in all of them.

    After joining KIRPIMO MEISTRAI she continued to improve gaining knowledge in internal training and from senior colleagues.

    Juste also improved in men’s haircut seminars.

    “As soon as I started learning the craft of a hairstylist, I immediately fell in love with this activity and I continue to deepen my knowledge with great motivation. It’s like a meditation and a hobby for me, I can’t even call it work. And together with the client I am sincerely happy with the results”, says Justė.



    Junior stylist
    Kirpimo meistrai



    Young talent
    Kirpimo meistrai



    Young talent
    Kirpimo meistrai